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Lift the International Sanctions on Syria!

On the 23rd of August, the three Patriarchs of Syria, Gregorius III Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch, Ignatius Aphrem II Syriac Orthodox Patriarch and John X Greek Orthodox Patriarch, released a common appeal asking the international community to stop the international sanctions on Syria.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syriain 2011, the impact of the economic and financial sanctions increased on the daily lives of Syrian citizens, a huge burden which deepened the suffering of the Syrian people. Sign the petition:


The sanctions represent another aspect of the crisis and result in more pressure on individuals, institutions, companies, and consequently on the entire people.

Absence of new investments, ban on international flights to Syria, as well as reduction of exportations, blacklisting of some Syrian companies are economical measures towards the isolation of Syria from the international community.

The closing of embassies and the withdrawal of their employees limit the diplomatic relations and the foreign interaction of Syria with other countries.

Moreover, the ban on international banking transactions with Syria puts the people in a financial difficulty, impoverishing the citizens and depriving them of their human dignity.


So, as the local currency loses its value, the basic goods prices increase impacting the whole everyday life.

The main goals of imposing these sanctions are political. But they touch the life of the entire Syrian people, especially the poor and working class who struggle to find food and medicines.


Despite the Syrian people faces resolutely this crisis, the social situation is getting worse and the poverty and suffering of the Syrian people don’t stop increasing. The international community must stop the sanctions, before an entire people can die.


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