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In these last weeks, news from Italy show the serious situation in the country because of the coronavirus outbreak.
Dear friends and supporters,
Now that we have come to the end of this year, we must thank you for the support and contributions that you have never failed to give us in all the battle pro-life that we successfully faced during this last year. However, it is also time for me to proudly present a new project, a new challenge that Novae Terrae Foundation is going to undertake during the New Year in defense of life and human dignity.

This study and all the researches connected to it want to show “if” and “how” human dignity is respected in every country and in a worldwide context. Human dignity, the consciousness that every human being has been created by God and so it is His creature, is a human value and at the same time a human right determined and recognized by the international order.

The basic idea of Human Dignity Global Index is to start the research involving as many as possible experts, universities and institutes at national and international level.

As we have done in the previous ‘global researches’ (IGIF and FEI), we would like to use only “solid” data provided by international agencies (World Bank, FMI, Euronest, Eurofound, OECD, Central and South America, Asian, African and Oceanian agencies etc.) and then ask to every country for missing information by their national statistic institute. We will produce a usable research as a tool that civil society leaders and politicians as journalists at national level could really use to promote ‘objectively’ and ‘rationally’ human dignity rights and values AND compare their own country with others (at the same geographical area and at the same economic level).

HDGI as a powerful tool might be use, any social and civic leader should promote it, as a ‘competitive’ and ‘comparative’ instrument to evaluate publically ‘how much’ and ‘on what’ the political programs presented and implemented by different parties are matching with it.

HDGI provide to the public opinion a new and clear ‘criteria’ and ‘data’ to asses ‘if’ and ‘how much’ their Ngo’s leaders and politicians are really committed to the country’s advancement. At the same time, any country could use HDGI at international meeting sor organizations and strongly request the human dignity respect and govern the change of international organizations ‘agenda’.

The Novae Terrae Foundation started last November 2017 a project to support the reconstruction of the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin of Aleppo in devastated Syria, and supporting the Christian minority there. Over the last months we have been in close contact with the Archbishop of the Melkite Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Aleppo, Archeparch Jean-Clément JEANBART.

Between 19 July 2012 and 15 December 2016 there were 31,000 people killed in Aleppo, 76% of all fatalities were civilians
The conflict in Syria began on 15th March 2011, and has since taken the conflict has taken the lives of almost 250,000 people, with almost 3 million Syrian refugees fleeing to neighboring countries to escape the violence. Before the conflict started in 2011 the total number of Syrian Christians numbered about 2.4 million or 11-12% of the population: 1.1 million Greek Orthodox, 700,000 Syrian Orthodox, 70-100,000 Armenian Christians (Apostolics and Catholics), and 400,000 Catholics of various rites. It is not clear how many Christians fled and are refuges in countries around Syria. But we know that the majority of Christians were not able to flee the conflict and are living in the devastated cities. Aleppo had once one of the largest Christian population, and we all know how much suffering the citizens of that city have experience on almost 7 years of conflict.

The Archeparchy of Aleppo is one of the oldest ones of the Melkite Patriarchate of Antioch.
The eparchy of Berea (ancient name of Aleppo) had its origin goes back to the First Council of Nicaea (325). The eparchy of Aleppo was elevated to the rank of archeparchy in the sixth century
There are many needs in Syria, and particularly in Aleppo, we cannot try to fix them all, but what we will try to do is help the reconstruction of one of the main Christian symbols in the Middle East, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin of Aleppo. In response to this crisis growing humanitarian crisis, Novae Terrae Foundation will do a fundraising appeal to all our friends around the world for the reconstruction of the Cathedral.

This Cathedral built around 1830 unexpectedly during the Ottoman empire that prohibited all constructions of churches,
it has been a place where many Christians have received multitude of blessings reason
why for centuries thousands of pilgrims go to venerate our Lady to Whom this Cathedral is dedicated

Our first appeal generated €5,000 from around the World, we sent it to them January. Archeparch Jean-Clément JEANBART came to Rome in February and we were able to be updated in person about their needs and also to give them a symbolic check of the funds that we had sent them in January.
On the 23rd of August, the three Patriarchs of Syria, Gregorius III Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch, Ignatius Aphrem II Syriac Orthodox Patriarch and John X Greek Orthodox Patriarch, released a common appeal asking the international community to stop the international sanctions on Syria.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syriain 2011, the impact of the economic and financial sanctions increased on the daily lives of Syrian citizens, a huge burden which deepened the suffering of the Syrian people. Sign the petition:

The sanctions represent another aspect of the crisis and result in more pressure on individuals, institutions, companies, and consequently on the entire people.

Absence of new investments, ban on international flights to Syria, as well as reduction of exportations, blacklisting of some Syrian companies are economical measures towards the isolation of Syria from the international community.

The closing of embassies and the withdrawal of their employees limit the diplomatic relations and the foreign interaction of Syria with other countries.

Moreover, the ban on international banking transactions with Syria puts the people in a financial difficulty, impoverishing the citizens and depriving them of their human dignity.

So, as the local currency loses its value, the basic goods prices increase impacting the whole everyday life.

The main goals of imposing these sanctions are political. But they touch the life of the entire Syrian people, especially the poor and working class who struggle to find food and medicines.

Despite the Syrian people faces resolutely this crisis, the social situation is getting worse and the poverty and suffering of the Syrian people don’t stop increasing. The international community must stop the sanctions, before an entire people can die.
Mike Donnely, Director of Global Outreach at Home-Schooling Legal Defence Association "HSLDA" ( presented the FEI report at GHEC 2016, the Global Homeschooling Education Conference ( held in Rio de Janeiro, on last 9th -12th March.

HSLDA supported the elaboration of the FEI.


The petition for the European Citizens Initiatives  has recently got the new website.

Fondazione Novae Terrae together with many other NGO's supports the petition for the European Citizens Initiatives “Mum, Dad & Kids” (   which asks for “an EU regulation that defines the meaning of marriage and family: marriage is a union between a man and a woman and family is based on marriage and/or descent”.
Vienna, on 14 and 15 April 2016 the Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting dell'OSCE-ODIHR on Policies and strategies to further promote tolerance and non-discrimination took place.

Novae Terrae Foundation participated to the meetings in order to share its contribution promoting the religious freedom.

The Foundation submitted some joint recommentations together with “Giuseppe Dossetti” Observatory for Religious Tolerance and Freedom, Observatory On Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians, CitizenGO Foundation, Hatze Oir and Alliance Defending Freedom International. Here is the text:

Here you can also find the final list of participants:

In addition, Matchman News published this article (available only in Italian):
The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation has launched the global petition Stop Discriminating Down ( together with Novae Terrae Foundation and many other international partners.

The Stop Discriminating Down campaign aims to raise awareness of the threat of prenatal testing to those with Down syndrome . We also wish to ask the world community to reject prenatal screening programs that have as their purpose the elimination of people with Down syndrome.

Please visit to show your support!

On 22-23 October 2015, an international conference on the importance of marriage and natural family for social and economic development took place in Zagreb (Croatia), promoted by the Croatian association In the Name of the Family, in collaboration with several NGOs from Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria. The Novae Terrae Foundation actively participated in the the event introducing the Global Family Index, conducted with the Catholic University of Milan, (publication in February 2016), and through the important contribution of the CEO Luca Volontè during the Round Table “Strengths and Challenges Family is Facing in Contemporary Europe”.


The website
On August 2015 Novae Terrae Foundation launched a Petition throught, asking the Members of the UN Security Council and its Chairmanship:

•    to elaborate, promote and sustain the approval of clear and concrete measures, as well as the adoption of the Action Plan proposed by the Secretary-General in defence of human rights, religious freedom of minorities in the area where Da'esh terrorists have perpetrated massacres;
•    to promote the adoption of a legal framework including sanctions and referrals to the International Criminal Court;
•    to approve measures to stop financial support and the trade of weapons to  Da’esh-affiliated groups.

Visit our petition on

During the Budapest Demographic Forum (5-7 November 2015), organised by Hungary Ministry of Human Capacities and Family Friendly Country, participants discussed issues regarding demographic trends, the relative correlations between family policies, economic policies, employment policies and migration, as well as possible solutions.

Luca Volontè's speech at the Forum:

Budapest Demography Forum website

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