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States 'Must' Legalize Abortion, Says U.N. Human Rights Committee

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States 'Must' Legalize Abortion, Says U.N. Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee at the United Nations Office in Geneva has adopted a radically pro-abortion document that could have lasting implications for pro-life laws worldwide.

The document, known as General Comment No. 36, is the first of its kind to declare that states "must" legalize abortion in cases of rape, incest, health of the mother, and when the pregnancy "is not viable." The General Comment also calls on nations to remove laws that impose criminal penalties on health care workers who perform illegal abortions, claiming that the mere enforcement of pro-life laws "compel[s] women and girls to resort to unsafe abortion." The Committee also declared that states "may not regulate" abortion in a manner that "compel[s]" women to resort to "unsafe abortion" and that states "should revise their abortion laws accordingly."