Kenya:Stop western neo-colonialism

Kenyatta and Kenya pro family culture

Stop western neo-colonialism. “We will not legalise same-sex marriage to get funding”,  
President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta said that Kenya will not bow to pressure to legislate same-sex marriages as a condition to receive donor funding.

Speaking in Nandi County, the President said that Kenya needs to become self-reliant in order to stop being pressured to put in place things that are not biblical. "We must ensure that our development is what we want and not that brought from outside. We should not be told that if we want money, we must legislate that a man can marry another," Uhuru said in Swahili.

He then posed; "Is there anything of the sort in the Bible? Wouldn't we rather stay poor?"

Uhuru said that self-reliance would free Kenya to deal with what Kenyans believe in knowing that "we are standing on our own pocket." "This is why I have insisted, even though people are slightly angry at me, let us pay taxes. This is your money that we can use for our development and this is why I am also insisting that we must protect this money from wastage," Uhuru said.

This is not the first time that Uhuru has dismissed gay rights as a non-issue for Kenya but it is the first that he has talked about it in relation to donor funding.