UK, a third of young people back polygamy


UK, a third of young people back polygamy and a quarter want to see marriages allow people to ‘upgrade’ to a new partner, major poll finds,

They found that a quarter of 18 to 24-year-olds think marriage should be a temporary contract with a renewal date and the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ to another partner. A third of this age group also backed polygamy, and 30 per cent supported ‘fluid arrangements’, where people could move between different partners. Colin Hart, of poll organisers the Coalition for Marriage, said the findings were ‘deeply worrying’.

He added: ‘Despite all the Government rhetoric about the importance of marriage, they are failing to get this message through.’ The poll of 2,002 adults of all age groups also found that almost half back ‘no reason’ divorces, where somebody does not have to justify ending a marriage. Seventy per cent said there should be a statutory cooling-off period before a divorce is finalised to give couples a chance to change their minds.


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