USA Federal Government Targets Transgender Policy After 5-Year-Old Gets Sexually Assaulted
USA Secretary for Education, Betsy DeVos on Giving States More Power in Education

Children whose mothers use hormonal contraceptives are more likely to develop leukaemia
The contraceptive pill - a lucrative business
Administrative sanctions and legal proceedings for pro-abortion demonstrators in Brussels

Prevention Is the Right Answer to Assisted-Suicide Requests

Canadian Medical Association withdraws motion at World Medical Association Meeting supporting euthanasia

Open Letter to President Macron, Women of the World Network
Down syndrome: an additional 22 million dollars released for research in the US.
Nepal, Sex-selective abortion continues unabated
Western Nations Abandon Consensus to Push Abortion Agenda at UN
Pope Francis: abortion is like hiring hitman to solve problem

Egypt court sentences 17 to death for attacking Christians

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