Trial of Viagra for fetal growth
 restriction is halted after baby deaths
Why We Need An International Day Commemorating Victims And Survivors Of Religious Persecution

In India: "right of the foetus" vs. abortion?

Freedom of conscience wins in 2 European high courts

Stop western neo-colonialism. “We will not legalise same-sex marriage to get funding”,  
President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta

Parliament launch of new film that exposes how UK overseas aid is being used to fund the abortion industry in Africa

Is there an ‘unmet need’ for contraception and abortion in Africa?

Moms v Macron
: Women blast French leader for claiming educated ladies won’t choose large family
UK, a third of young people back polygamy and a quarter want to see marriages allow people to ‘upgrade’ to a new partner, major poll finds,

Asia Bibi appeal complainant not even present at time of her alleged ‘blasphemy’

Inspirational people with Down syndrome
Liberal Activists Just Made a Website Using Kavanaugh’s Name. That Could Be Illegal.

USA, Judge protects freedom of pro-lifers

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