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Letter of Introduction

solo-logoDear friend,

we have lately establish the “Novae Terrae” Foundation. This institutions, according to the founders’ intentions, aims to promote initiatives of cultural analysis and research about human rights from a political, legal, philosophical, anthropological and economical point of view.

The first object of learning is represented by the national sets of rules, through a matching method, also as regard to problems in relationships with the Islamic countries, in addition to the analysis of the jurisprudence of Constitutionals Courts. Furhermore, our interest regards several national and international institutions, especially as regards the process of European integration and juridical, economical and political consequences.

Our activity consist of the promotion, organization and financing of lectures, symposia, conventions, conferences and similar cultural initiatives and of the publication of the related documents. We also promote the achievement of researches, studies, investigations and each other kind of publication or editorial initiative.

If you share with us the awareness of the urgency of these initiatives and if you believe in our typical mission, the “Novae Terrae” Foundation will feel honoured to account you as one of its sympathizers, and we will email you every information about publications, national and international lectures and initiatives.

We trust in your subscription.


Right to life is the first human right, without which any other right cannot be defended or even conceived. We want to defend everyone’s right to life, from conception to natural death. Read more

We consider family as the fundamental cell of the society, a fundamental place for the cultural, educational and intellectual development of the person and a priceless resource for the community because of its role of material and moral assistance towards the single person. Read more

Religious freedom is often thought as a simple “negative” possibility to exercise your own cult in private. According to us (and according to international right and human rights) it has to guarantee to each religious belief the possibility to contribute to democratic pluralism with its proposals inside the public speech. Read more

Not public bodies which supply a service of formation and education have to be considered an added value for the society, as they contribute to a plural vision of the society and they allow parents to choose the best educational orientation for their children. Read more

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