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At the Conference the examples of good practices of empowerment and protection of family in the field of legislation, economic and social policy and education - both from the perspective of the state and its institutions, as well as of the civil society organizations - will be presented to decision makers, professionals and the organizations of civil society.

The goal of the conference is networking and spreading of implementation of good practice for the benefit of the family members, their family life and the recovery of society. In the time of crisis of institutions, economy and morals, good practices that achieve successful results inspire and encourage for solidarity, participation in public life and commitment to the common good.  Successful results require that they are repeated, spread and further developed.

In the field of family, each good practice of empowerment and investment in the family is a contribution to all the family members, because the family is the fundamental unit and structure of society. Everyone comes from a family and has a family. Empowerment and help to the family means empowerment and indirect and direct help to each person - the most valuable “resource” of every community, thus the recovery of society is encouraged. One of the most important and long term ways the family, which is the carrier of the societal, economical and demographical strength of society, is preserved from disrepair, breakdown and redefinition and all other contemporary dangers, is by concrete help to concrete families.

The future of society (the bigger community) depends on the family (the smaller community), i. e. the quality of the family life of its members, grounded in the marriage of a woman and man. Quality family life directly affects the stability of marriage and family, the growth of the number of educated citizens, workforce, on economic and demographic growth, and decreases violence, crime, poverty, hazardous behaviour...The family and family life are in need of assistance from all the factors in society, so the participants of the International Conference “The Family - the Foundation of Demographic and Economic Recovery” will be presented with positive examples of family legislation, relevant research on the status of marriage and family, curriculums of successfully conducted sexual education and education for marriage and family life from Venezuela, certificate academic programs in age sensitive sexuality education from Austria in line with the universal human values, public campaigns of promotion marriage and motherhood from Poland, programs of volunteer help to families and for the formation of parents and the spouses, etc. Also, at the Conference the Hungarian family and demographic policy will be presented, which has significantly helped families in Hungary.  We believe that the mentioned activities will contribute to the networking of pro-family organizations in Europe and the world, encourage them to implement what they have received at the Conference and continue to jointly work together.


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