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A research conducted by the Novae Terrae Foundation in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan

In December 2014 the Novae Terrae Foundation started a convention with the Catholic University in Milan aimed to elaborate an Independent Global Index on Family; the publication is expected for February 2016. We use data found through web searching and the help of people and international organisations collaborating with the Foundation in a relationship based on work, trust and friendship all around the world.

What is it?

The analysis is based on a clear definition of “family”: the stable relationship of a heterosexual couple founded on marriage and oriented to procreation and gratuitousness, as well as reciprocity between sexes and generations.

This study has two main goals:
•    to analyse structural features of family on an international level, in order to identify the orientation towards family relation;
•    to understand how this relation is supported through adequate measures/resources.

What does it evaluate?

In order to achieve these goals, the researchers defined several indicators, which can be divided in four groups:
•    family structure (marriage, procreation);
•    resources supporting family and its care task (care services, employment, family policies etc.);
•    exchange between family members and between family and society;
•    orientation toward gratuitousness.

The research is aimed not only to analyse the situation in European countries, but also to offer an international view, taking into consideration also North and South America, Africa and Asia.

When will it be published?

Once concluded, the Global Index will be a fundamental tool offering a wide view on the current situation of family and on how it is protected in the social, political and economic sectors. The research is being published (May 2016). It is a biennial publication.